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  • Clôturer le terrain pour assurer la sécurité des enfants et la pérennité de la construction 

  • Bétonner la cour


  • Installation of a fountain with potable water and a program to train supervisors how to operate it

  • Expansion of  the reservoir

  • Installation of electricity in the buildings and  access to the power grid

  • Installation of gutters surrounding the multipurpose building

  • A daily meal for the children

  • Paving the courtyard

  • Procurement of water for the restrooms

  • The installation of a chicken coop for egg laying hens

  • Training of supervisors and administrators from the network of the French embassy

  • Growing enrollment for the beginning of the 2019 school year


The school is located in the hills of Canaan about 20 km north of Port-au-Prince.

At the beginning of the school year in September 2017, the school welcomed 200 children.
The complex consists of 9 classrooms, an office, restrooms, and a house for the supervisors.  
A director, a treasurer, and nine teachers work at the school.
The tuition per student is approximately 10,000 Haitian gourdes per school year, which is about 140 euros.

During the weekend, courses in literacy and in solidarity economy are offered to adults.

A physical examination is also carried out in the supervisor’s house once a month.  

Since 2013, Confiance Haïti has contributed to the development of the school:

Transforming the terrace into three classrooms, participating in the construction of the house of the supervisors.

Confiance Haïti has also provided timely support for the operation of the school: school supplies, books, training of teachers, and donations of medicine.