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The Framework

A Three Part Agreement

Confiance Haïti : "Offer a future"

  • Undertakes the financing of the program

  • Directs the funds to the business or foundation charged with implementing the program

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Orchidée : Haitian Association consisting

of people living on the site.

  • Articulates the needs of the school

  • Operates and maintains the facilities

  • Ensures coordination with the Contractor

  • Identifies and puts in place the necessary resources for the functioning of the school complex.


A business, institution, or foundation: independent from the financial sponsor and the owner.

The Contractor is trusted in both Haiti and in France and respects the ethical choices of Orchidée and Confiance Haïti

  • Designs and carries out the project 

  • Guarantees the proper use of the funds sent by the Financial Sponsor from France

  • Assures the construction according to plan